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Energy Saving Tips

Let’s face it, air conditioning and heating systems are expensive and you can save with energy saving tips. They’re expensive to purchase and they’re expensive to use. Following are some energy saving tips that will help you lower your energy costs, while at the same time maintaining your system. Proper maintenance of your system is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and/or replacement.

• Filters: often the least expensive part of your system and one of the easiest to maintain, filters can be overlooked and forgotten. Cleaning or replacing your filters once a month is the first step in saving money because a dirty filter causes the A/C to work harder, thereby using more electricity.
• Keep your vents and intake registers free of dust and obstructions. A vent or register with obstructed air-flow works much harder than necessary.
• Make sure the condensate drain is draining properly and is free of obstruction.
• Have a licensed air conditioning technician thoroughly check and tune up your system. Regular annual service can extend the life of your equipment.
• Keep the compressor unit clear of debris, such as grass, leaves, etc. These will obstruct air-flow and make the unit work harder than necessary.
• Raise your thermostat to at least 78 degrees. You’ll still be comfortable and you’ll save 20 percent on cooling costs.
• Use ceiling fans, which can keep you comfortable at higher thermostat settings.
• Check your home for air leaks or drafts. There are many places inside and outside your home that can leak air, causing a higher energy cost each year. Check doors, windows, outlets, wall/ceiling junctures, chimneys, thermostats, window air conditioners, pipes, foundation seals, switch plates, fireplace dampers, mail slots, etc. for gaps and cracked, damaged or missing caulking and weather stripping. Seal the affected area with the proper material to cut down on excessive energy consumption.
• Have seasonal checks of your systems each year. Your equipment should be thoroughly inspected before cold weather and again before hot weather to insure proper operation. Air Around the Clock offers a maintenance plan that includes two complete, seasonal checks each year at a significant savings. Call us today for more energy saving tips.