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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

1.Air diffusers, grilles and registers on air conditioners are thoroughly washed, reset to previous positions and put back into place.

2.Air handler equipment, including all fresh air intake and return ducts, A/C coils and fans should be thoroughly washed to purge them of dirt and contaminants.

3.Where necessary, we may even cut access panels into hard-to-reach areas to assure you of the most through A/C cleaning job possible. Our vacuum cleaners feature a HEPA filtering system to maximize dirt removal and containment for your air conditioning system. High efficiency HEPA vacuums are used where air quality especially critical in A/C systems.

4.While most A/C companies simply vacuum as far they can reach into ducts, air quality control specialists use MANUAL ENTRY to effectively reach and clean those hard to get areas within your ducts and HVAC system for the best duct cleaning.

5.Other A/C Services
Sanitizing: For added protection against bacteria virus, fungus and mold within the A/C system, your AQC specialist will apply a highly effective, EPA registered sanitizer to the interior surfaces of the ductwork and air conditioning equipment.
Surface coating: Where fiber-glass lined ductwork or duct board in an A/C system has become deteriorated or contaminated, an application of a protective coating can be applied to prevent fibers from breaking loose and entering the A/C vents. Additionally, this coating contains an antimicrobial agent that provides long-term protection against the re-growth of mold and bacteria in air conditioners.

A: HEPA is an acronym for “high efficiency particulate air”. Basically, HEPA is a type of filter in A/Cs that can trap a large amount of very small particles that other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate back into the air conditioning of your home.
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