Leaking Ducts Is there dust or debris around your air vents? Does your energy bill seem a bit higher or have you felt the temperature in your home fluctuates from room to room? All of these are signs your air ducts could be leaking! Your ductwork is in charge of carrying heated or cooled air […]

Evaporator Coil

Evaporator Coil The Evaporator coil works the opposite of the Condenser coil. An Evaporator coil job is to turn the liquid form of a chemical, such as Freon, to a gas while absorbing heat in the process. Essentially, it absorbs heat in the air and sends it back into your home as cold air. Unlike […]

Condenser Coil

Air Around the Clock Your air conditioner is made up of multiple different parts. The Condenser coil is located outside, and is one of two coils that make up your system. The other coil is located indoors and is called the Evaporator coil. After the gas refrigerant is pressurized and heated in the compressor, it […]

UV Light

Installing a UV light will help kill organic growths like mold spores and microorganisms that live within your HVAC system. Not only are they extremely beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory problems, a UV light can also help to reduce the spread of sickness. These sicknesses can be as the common cold and flu, […]

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning We are often questioned about whether or not duct cleaning makes a difference in your every day health. People believe duct cleaning is a scam and don’t truly understand the great benefits of having it done. Having your ducts cleaned can alert you to things such as the following: Dirt and Dust Mold […]

Are Your AC Capacitors Malfunctioning?

Are your AC Capacitors going bad and costing your money? At some point, you are going to need air conditioning repair in South Florida. We kind of dove right into it there, but we don’t want to set up unrealistic expectations for your system. Your air conditioner is more complex than you may realize, and […]

Attic Insulation

Quality Attic Insulation Will Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs: Air Around The Clock offers only the latest and greatest in energy-efficient air conditioning systems. However, there are certain steps that you can take to make your home’s A/C even more efficient. One way that you can make significant reductions to your home’s heating and cooling […]