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ac filters

Air Around the Clock’s AC Filters consists of a permanent frame and MERV 8 anti-microbial filter inserts for air conditioners.


• AC Filters – Constructed of space age plastics. Resistant to corrosion, oxidation and deterioration in air conditioner
• One-time Purchase AC Filters – Unconditional warranty for the lifetime of the original purchaser.
• Moving? – Manufacturer will re-size/replace frame when moving to a new location requiring a different size frame.
• Easily Installed AC Filters – Simply remove old filter and replace with the ATC PERMANENT FRAME in A/C system.
• Availability AC Filters – Custom sizes available at no additional cost.


• Convenient – Forget the aggravation and expense of traveling to a retail outlet to purchase air filters for your A/C.
• An annual or semi-annual supply of ATC filtration inserts is included in your initial order. With the automatic re-order option you receive a supply of your chosen inserts – don’t worry about a clean A/C air filter again.
• Easily Stored – ATC filtration inserts are shipped in an easily stored packet.
• Efficient – More efficient in capturing particles, such as dust, ragweed, pollen, etc., from the air stream, than standard furnace filters purchased at retail outlets.
• Economical – Studies show that disposable inserts and permanent frames are the most economical way to filter air in A/C systems.
• Easy Disposal- Can be disposed of in a trash compactor or trash receptacle.
• Anti-Microbial – Air filters in A/C systems have been identified as a prime breeding ground for many types of microorganisms due to the surface area, nutrients, temperatures and moisture they provide for reproduction and survival.
• Anti-microbial agents are effective in reduction of a broad range of microorganisms – including molds, mildew, fungi, yeasts and gram positive and gram-negative bacteria in your A/C unit.